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450 & 407 East 158th St (Bronx)

450 E 158th Street Rendering 8.21.23
407 E 158th Street Rendering 8.21.23
  • Aufgang Architects


Our two Melrose lots are currently in development and will yield an eight and ten-story mixed-use building for supportive housing. The project, in partnership with The Jericho Project, will provide much needed housing for formerly homeless families and veterans in the Bronx.The first building at 450 East 158th Street will have 84 sleeping rooms, with an average unit scope of 207 square feet. In total, the project will yield 44,489 square feet, with 27,074 square feet designated for community facility space and the other 17,415 square feet for residential use.

The second building, nearby at 407 East 158th Street, will have 45 residencies. In sum, the project will amass 34,442 square feet, with 17,787 square feet designated for residential space and 16,653 square feet for community facility space.